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If you appreciate our wargames community and would like to contribute, contact us about it!

Keeping the servers running costs us several thousands of dollars each year. If it were not for the financial backing of a couple generous sponsors, our servers would have disappeared a long time ago. We gladly accept any donations, even if you have only $1 to donate.

Donations can be made through PayPal. Please contact us if you want to contribute in another way.

We also happily accept donations in various crypto currencies:

Bitcoin 1JSLymNDWggo6VJErcPfE7fwPdzRfJumNt
DogeCoin DSfAoubPUAhKnF3FBqyha8d7XK6x6NTBNm
Litecoin LYJD1cuEouA8hVyoJ7pzh4JkXb5EAKad1i
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