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Can you RTFM?

Manpage is a wargame that has been rescued from the demise of intruded.net, previously hosted on manpage.intruded.net. Big thanks to adc, morla and reth for their help in resurrecting this game!

What follows below is the original description of manpage, copied from intruded.net:

Difficulty:     x/10
Levels:         7
Platform:   Linux/x86


Special Thanks:

This game is about breaking some common linux c-programming misconceptions. A good
tactic when beginning to audit code for the first time is to read the manpages for pitfalls and 
unusual behavior. Many of these levels were inspired by the famous work of Ilja.

Manpage’s levels are called manpage0, manpage1, … etc. and can be accessed on manpage.labs.overthewire.org through SSH on port 2224.

To login to the first level use:

Username: manpage0
Password: manpage0

Data for the levels can be found in /manpage/.

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