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Warzone offline

The warzone is currently offline undergoing an overhaul.

The warzone is an isolated network simulating the entire IPv4 Internet, on which all connected devices are targets to be hacked. Unlike other wargames, the warzone allows players to connect their own hackable servers or devices with any software they like, as long as it speaks IP.

The warzone setup gives us the ability to create wargames that are far more interesting than the ones currently online, such as a games based on Windows/Android/, kernel exploitation, advanced network exploitation, etc.

Currently, we are gathering feedback on the warzone to help steer its development.


The warzone is an experimental network without any protection. Just like on the real Internet, your computer is exposed to attacks. If you connect to the warzone, use adequate protection (e.g. a firewall).

To make the place more interesting, we have created a setup (named tsutomu) that encourages you to recreate the Mitnick Attack in real life. More information on tsutomu can be be found at once you are connected to the warzone.

You may find it helpful to coordinate with others working on tsutomu, to avoid getting in each others way. To do that, once you are signed up for the warzone, please join the #wargames channel on ircs.overthewire.org (SSL).

To sign up for the warzone, visit https://draco.overthewire.org and ignore the invalid certificate for now.

Helping out

Some ways to help beta-test the warzone, are by giving us feedback on the following points:

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