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The news section of this site is no longer maintained

2019-01-06 Happy newyear!! Advent Bonanza CTF in the warzone

Best wishes for 2019! After the success of the OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 2018 CTF, we are archiving its challenges on the warzone.

2018-11-05 A bunch of improvements to the website

The News/Need Help?/About sections have been merged. A Donate and Help button added to every page, the donation section has been updated with new information and an IRC web client introduced on the Help pages.

2018-10-28 Warzone back online

After a long hiatus, the warzone is back online in it’s basic form. The first warzone challenge, named tsutomu, is also up and running. Good luck!

2018-01-31 Migrated to VMs + SSH keys changed

Some of the games have been moved to a VM based setup again. SSH keys are not persisted over redeployments. Don’t be scared if you get a host key warning. What is at risk any way? You are connecting to a public box full of hackers, right? Good luck!

2017-06-06 Migrated to Docker + SSH keys changed

All shell-based games have been migrated to Docker. A consequence of that is that the SSH keys have been changed and your SSH client will complain about it if you’ve connected to the games before.

2017-05-15 SSH setup changed

Each game now has its own SSH port, in anticipation of a move to a new server which has a similar setup.

2015-03-15 IRC network upgrades

On March 18th, all servers in the IRC network will be upgraded to only accept TLS with perfect forward secrecy ciphersuites. If your client does not support this, upgrade your client or use an unencrypted connection.

2014-12-29 Drifter back online

The drifter wargame had also been offline for a while, but has now been revived. You can find it at drifter. Please enjoy this late holiday-present and report any (unintended) bugs.

2014-12-24 Kishi released

The kishi wargame had been offline for a while, but has now been released as a Vagrant VM. More information on kishi. Merry christmas and best wishes for 2015! May the year 2015 bring you many 0days!

2014-04-16 Website moved

This website moved to github pages, allowing easier edits by the community in the form of pull requests towards the OverTheWire website repository

2013-10-29 Kishi is down

The kishi game has been taken offline.

2013-10-01 Four more natas levels

Thanks to morla, I’m releasing 4 new levels to natas: natas23 through natas27. Have fun!.

2013-07-11 WeChall Scoring

OverTheWire has been using the WeChall scoreboard for a while and it has proven to be a good addition. There is now more information about this scoreboard and how to use it in WeChall Scoring.

2013-06-28 6 new levels for natas

To celebrate my birthday, I’m releasing 6 new levels to natas: natas17 through natas23. Have fun!

2013-05-20 New game: Kishi

We just launched a new game called kishi. Enjoy!

2012-11-04 IRC and monxla down

Due to a DDoS, we have temporarily taken down our IRC server and the monxla wargame. If you need to contact us over IRC, you can find us at smashthestack IRC.

2012-10-26 New game: Natas

We just launched a new game called natas, which covers the basics of serverside websecurity. Enjoy!

2012-10-08 New OTW beta

Hey folks, as you can see, the new OverTheWire beta just launched - same awesome content, now also a lil’ bit more awesome to the eye.

If you find any bugs in the new layout, please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or on IRC!

Cheers mates <3


Two more intruded.net wargames: utumno and maze have been added. Big thanks to adc, morla and reth!


We have adopted 3 intruded.net wargames: leviathan, narnia and behemoth. Big thanks to adc, morla and reth!


The bandit wargame has been expanded with 7 new levels


We’ve been busy the last months preparing new games and resurrecting old ones. We can now proudly announce that krypton is back from the ice, that all vortex levels have been verified to work and that there are 2 new wargames: monxla and bandit


Best wishes for 2012! We are releasing HES2010: more information here


More information here


We are currently migrating some services to different hosting providers and in the process will be retiring some wargames and releasing their diskimages into the wild. There are several advantages to releasing old wargames:

More information about this soon!