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How to connect?

To get access to the warzone, go to the #warzone channel on our Discord and talk to the Warzone Dispenser bot. The bot will reply to you with instructions.

You will receive an OpenVPN config file containing all the information you need to connect to the warzone. On a Linux commandline, you can run the following command as root to connect to the warzone (assuming you named the received file “myconfig.ovpn”):

openvpn myconfig.ovpn

Of course, in order to use OpenVPN on your computer, you will need to install it first. Use Google to figure out how to install OpenVPN on your Operating System.

Warning about insecure networks

The warzone is an experimental network without any protection. Your computer will be exposed to attacks, but not more than on any free wifi accesspoint you connect to. Still, it's always a good idea to use adequate protection (e.g. have a firewall and/or use a virtual machine to connect to the warzone).