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Need help?

It’s normal to get stuck on a level from time to time, don’t despair!
Before reaching out for help, make sure you have read the level’s description and hints carefully.
If you are still stuck, you can ask for help in the chatrooms, but remember to follow the rules.

You might want to read this article before asking for help.


You can find our Discord server at https://discord.gg/CPDYM3G

	#wargames 	(for talk related to the games)
	#social 	(for general talk)

Please be aware of our rules! When you first connect, you will be reminded of them.


If you don’t know how to use IRC, use google to find out.

Encrypted IRC:
	Host: ircs.overthewire.org
	Port: 6697 (with SSL)

Non-encrypted IRC:
	Host: irc.overthewire.org
	Port: 6667

The channels used on IRC are the same as on Discord.