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We all have to start somewhere.

Narnia is a wargame that has been rescued from the demise of intruded.net, previously hosted on narnia.intruded.net. Big thanks to adc, morla and reth for their help in resurrecting this game!

What follows below is the original description of narnia, copied from intruded.net:

Difficulty:     2/10
Levels:         10
Platform:   Linux/x86


Special Thanks:
lx_jakal for pointing out a bug that made a level easier =)

This wargame is for the ones that want to learn basic exploitation. You can see the most
common bugs in this game and we've tried to make them easy to exploit. You'll get the
source code of each level to make it easier for you to spot the vuln and abuse it. The
difficulty of the game is somewhere between Leviathan and Behemoth, but some of the
levels could be quite tricky.

Narnia’s levels are called narnia0, narnia1, … etc. and can be accessed on narnia.labs.overthewire.org through SSH on port 2226.

To login to the first level use:

Username: narnia0
Password: narnia0

Data for the levels can be found in /narnia/.