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Utumno is a wargame that has been rescued from the demise of intruded.net, previously hosted on utumno.intruded.net. Big thanks to adc, morla and reth for their help in resurrecting this game!

What follows below is the original description of utumno, copied from intruded.net:

Difficulty:     4/10
Levels:         10
Platform:   Linux/x86

Kuba and psi

Special Thanks:

This is a regular wargame composed of 10 different levels. It's slightly harder than the
previous wargames in the same genre. Actually, it's a lot harder than Leviathan and a bit
harder than Behemoth so if you haven't beaten those two you will probably want to do that

Utumno’s levels are called utumno0, utumno1, … etc. and can be accessed on utumno.labs.overthewire.org through SSH on port 2227.

To login to the first level use:

Username: utumno0
Password: utumno0

Data for the levels can be found in /utumno/.